2019 in Review – April

Picketpost Mountain

April was mostly coasting. Mostly. 

With no big races coming up soon, a lot of the month was just taking it easy, but Kris and I went out one Saturday and did something at the other end of the spectrum from “easy,” and hiked/climbed Picketpost Mountain. 

It’s one of those things that is cool to say that you have done once it’s over, but that you don’t particularly enjoy while you’re doing it. Classic Type Two Fun. 

Neither of us knew what we were getting into, and we really didn’t expect to be doing as much scrambling as we did. But we ended up summiting successfully and making it back down again. It was a beautiful day, and even though neither of us is in a hurry to go back and do it again soon (or ever, maybe), we’re glad we did it.