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All Day in the Desert: McDowell Mountain Frenzy 50K

If you want to read about how I trained for the race, you can find it here.

Race Day

I showed up early on race day to see the 50 mile runners start. Partly because one of my friends from San Tan was running it, and partly because I just wanted to cheer for them as they started. As I get closer to committing myself to doing a 50-miler, the more I appreciate how badass each and every one of those people are. You better believe I’m going to cheer for them.

It was cold and windy early. Thanks to a really cold night at Ragnar, I’ve just given up completely on light jackets when I think there’s a chance it’s gonna feel real cold and have dug out my bulky coat, and that was what I walked around in for about an hour, any time I was outside of the warmth of my car. Shortly before the 50K start, I shucked off the warm stuff and headed over to the chute. My friend and Ragnar teammate, Francisco, was running the 50K too, so I wished him luck and headed to the back of the group to get ready to start.

Trail Running Training

Training for My First Ultramarathon: McDowell Mountain Frenzy 50K

8 Months in the Making

I don’t think it was a formal goal when 2015 officially began, but somewhere real close to it, the idea of running a 50K started rolling around in my head. I had already signed up for the Phoenix Marathon, and over the course of 2014 had done a 15K, started trail running, done several trail races (including my first Ragnar), a half marathon, and a long 15-mile training run. I was wondering how I would feel about doing a race that would add an “ultra” on top of the marathon distance I was planning.

What I mainly remember thinking was that I’d like to try it.