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Javelina Jangover 2015: How I Accidentally Learned How to Be An Ultramarathoner

I ran the Javelina Jangover (25K) out at McDowell Mountain Park this year, and I enjoyed it. It’s one of Aravaipa Running’s series of Insomniac summer night races. It was hot, as you’d expect, but there were rainstorms moving around us to the north and east, and that helped bring the temperature down a bit so it wasn’t so bad.

The race itself isn’t really the story here.


Yes I am.

The other day, someone I’d never met before and who I had exchanged only a handful of words and grunts with (he was the mover in charge of moving our office to a new location) looked at me and asked if I was a runner. I wasn’t even wearing one of my race shirts.

Is it dumb that I thought that was so awesome that I’m still happy about that almost a week later?