2019 in Review – May


Kris and I went to New York City for our anniversary. The main reason for the trip was to see Wagner’s Ring Cycle performed in its entirety (that is a four-night event if you’re not familiar with it), which is something we’ve wanted to do since, basically, before we got married. Our first date was the first opera in the series, Das Rhinegold. I’m pretty sure that one of the reasons she stuck with me was because I liked it. It was a super cool experience, and we enjoyed the trip a lot.

We also managed to squeeze in a couple of runs in some iconic spots. One morning we ran around Central Park, and another morning we took a running tour that went over the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

Backpacking Training

After we got home, I started training for a long backpacking trip I had planned for June. I would go out to the San Tan group runs on Saturday mornings with my loaded backpack on, and then hike around the park as everyone else ran off.