2019 in Review – September

Mt. Ord We started off September with a Labor Day hike up Mount Ord. Kris had never seen this place I was going to run at all the time during the summer, and she wanted to get a look at it.

2019 in Review – July

Training In July, I officially started my training block for this year’s big running project (as well as next year), the Southern Arizona Triple 50. As everyone who lives here knows, there is no better time of the year to start a big training block than the middle of summer.

2019 in Review – June

Prescott Circle Trail In June, I went back to the Prescott Circle Trail with the intent of doing a through hike of it over three days and two nights. I have fallen in love with both backpacking and the Arizona Trail, and one of my long term goals is to eventually hike the whole distance… Continue reading 2019 in Review – June

2019 in Review – April

Picketpost Mountain April was mostly coasting. Mostly.  With no big races coming up soon, a lot of the month was just taking it easy, but Kris and I went out one Saturday and did something at the other end of the spectrum from “easy,” and hiked/climbed Picketpost Mountain.  It’s one of those things that is… Continue reading 2019 in Review – April