Accurate Perception

“Today felt a little slow, even for me,” I said, as I sat down with the group at the end of this morning’s trail run.

I ran the Lakefair Half Marathon in Olympia, Washington, last week when the wife and I were on vacation up in the area, and I ran it pretty hard (finished in 2:03, a pretty big jump over my previous best time). I took most of this week off to recover except for one short, low-intensity run that ended up being cut even shorter than I’d planned because of a dust storm that came rolling in.

I felt like I hadn’t done well this morning because I wasn’t fully recovered. When I got home, I decided to check my times from the last several runs I’d done out on that trail (the San Tan/Goldmine loop out at San Tan Mountain Regional Park) to see how much I was off today. Here’s what I found:


So yeah, I really hit the nail on the head there.